The Birthday Interrogation with Ryan O'Neill

Just as his next book is about to hit the shelves, Ryan O'Neill is up for a birthday quiz.

Ryan ONeill_square_b&w.jpg

Would you like to tell us how old you are turning?

At what age did you first start writing?

What is the most significant change to the world you’ve witnessed in your lifetime?
The internet. 

What has happened that you wished hadn’t happened?
The internet. 

What is one thing you’d like to exist but doesn’t?
Human decency.

Where were you this time last year?
At home, which is where I like to be. 

What does the next year hold for you?
A new book has just come out, (The Drover’s Wives plug, plug) and a new idea for a book has just popped into my head, so both will keep me busy. 

Which book would you spend your afternoon reading if you had the time today?
A mystery novel by John Dickson Carr.

What’s one thing about yourself most people don’t know that you wish they did?
I’ve been faking my Scottish accent all along. I’m actually from Melbourne. 

Had we organised a present, hypothetically :), what should it have been?
A book voucher, of course!

Thank you for your time, Ryan, we hope you have a very happy birthday.