Baby Love


Baby Love


Robin Barker

‘There are [more than] 874 babycare books available, so why do most of us choose Robin Barker’s Baby Love?’ The Age

Recommended by Choice Magazine

Australia’s no. 1 babycare book, Baby Love, is the most practical, helpful and comprehensive book on the subject available. First published in 1994, Baby Love has since helped millions of parents navigate life with their newborn.

Xoum’s fully revised and updated digital edition features:

  • Up-to-date advice and options to help with baby sleep and baby crying

  • Accurate information and reassuring suggestions for getting breastfeeding right for you

  • The latest on all aspects of your baby’s nutrition, including bottle feeding

  • A selection of healthy recipes to tempt even the fussiest eaters

  • New full-colour illustrations

  • Handy in-built search functions and useful resources and links

Full of Robin Barker’s trademark wisdom and humour, Baby Love also contains valuable and important information about food allergies and intolerance, safe sleeping, and immunisation.

Authoritative, down-to-earth, essential reading for every new parent, Baby Love is the only book you’ll need to help you through your baby’s first year.

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Format: ePub

Pub date: May 2013

ISBN: 9781922057464

Praise for Baby Love by Robin Barker

‘It is difficult to underplay the importance of Robin Barker’s Baby Love, a parenting book that rose above an overstuffed genre to conquer the nation and become the saviour of countless Australian parents.’ Larissa Dubecki, The Sydney Morning Herald