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Dr Karl's Australia


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Australia’s best-loved scientist is back with a revised and – by popular demand – digital edition of Doctor Karl’s Australia: Great Australian Facts & Firsts.

Doctor Karl’s Australia: Great Australian Facts & Firsts brings together hundreds of scintillating, amazing and frequently funny stories about Aussie ingenuity and inventiveness, such as what the periscope did for the rifles at Gallipoli, how the bionic ear was invented, why dung beetles got Meals on Wheels, who really came up with the pavlova, and how sharks – yes, sharks – started a tyre business! Not only that, Xoum’s new eBook edition includes gorgeous all-new illustrations by celebrity scribbler Roy Chen and brand new stories about the amazing exploits of the Australian submarine AE2 plus General Monash’s inspired use of tanks in World War I.

Doctor Karl’s Australia: Great Australian Facts & Firsts is a must-read, all-ages celebration of ’Strayan science and technology, landscape and people – and the erratic path of invention and discovery in our magnificent wide brown land.

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Format: ePub

Pub date: Feb 2015

ISBN: 9781921134562