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Jean Flynn

Winner of the 2016 XO Romance Prize

Beth is an absolute wreck. She is certain that she has some kind of disease — a fatal one, most likely. She is also very single and quite keen on her (boss) colleague, Dr Brendan Roberts. He seems to fancy her, too — well, until The Morning After.

Beth knows it’s time to sort out her messy life, but she has no idea where to start.

Enter Shane — a slightly dishevelled forklift driver. He may not be suave or wealthy, but he does laugh at Beth’s jokes and remember how she likes her coffee. Plus, the more they hang out, the healthier she feels.

But when Shane suddenly cuts off all communication, Beth starts to think there’s no such thing as The One, and she decides to stop being slapdash and move on. Only life is never that simple, and Beth must take a chance if she hopes to find the cure to her ills.

Lovesick is a big-hearted romance about getting sick, getting better and taking risks.

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Format: ePub

Pub date: Aug 2017

ISBN: 9781925143546

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Format: Paperback

Pub date: Aug 2017

Imprint: XO Romance

ISBN: 9781925143539

Page extent: 320 pp

Trim: 234 x 153 mm

RRP: AUD$29.99, NZD$32.99

Praise for Lovesick by Jean Flynn

‘Fans of the TV drama The Wrong Girl will fall in love with the funny, yet honestly flawed characters in this heartwarming story. A fun and refreshingly relatable modern romance.’ Karly Lane

‘Debut author Jean Flynn brings a fresh, modern voice to Australian genre fiction. Lovesick signals a growing market for Australian women’s fiction with a modern sensibility and a sincere desire to reassure readers that dating might be fraught, but it is survivable. This book is a promising start for Xoum Publishing’s new imprint XO Romance.’ Kat Mayo, Books+Publishing