Anthony O'Neill

It is nearly twenty years since Scheherazade spun her tales for a thousand and one nights; the tales that saved her life and immortalised the city that she had never seen – until now.

Scheherazade and her husband, King Shahriyar, arrive in Baghdad to a rapturous welcome from the Caliph and his people, but within hours the Queen is kidnapped from her bathhouse. An ancient prophecy leads the Caliph to despatch a motley crew of sailors on a rescue mission.

As the seven unlikely saviours venture deeper into the unforgiving desert, losing camels, supplies, and all sense of direction, Scheherazade must face her abductors alone. And once again she begins to spin a tale to save her life ...

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Format: ePub

Pub date: Sep 2017

ISBN: 9781925143768

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Format: Paperback

Pub date: Sep 2017

Imprint: XOUM

ISBN: 9781925143751

Page extent: 480 pp

Trim: 210 x 135 mm

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Praise for Scheherazade by Anthony O'Neill

‘O’Neill writes with authority, blending fact, fiction and fable in this brilliant debut ... a spirited and linguistic satire ... I enjoyed this book immensely. It is so alive you can almost smell the air.’ The Independent on Sunday

‘The many twists and turns propel the story in a manner worthy of the novel’s eponymous heroine; there are enough cliff-hangers here to satisfy the most jaded of readers ... O’Neill absorbs his research into a novel of over 500 pages that never flaunts its learning. Scenes set in the teeming streets of Baghdad or during the sailors’ punishing trek through the desert are especially vivid ... This is a rousing read, and anything but pale.’ The Good Book Guide, UK

‘A remarkable and mysterious first novel, elegantly written and vividly characterised. Riffing on the Arabian Nights has been done before, but never with as much aplomb.’ Publishing News, UK

‘Mastery of storytelling is its hallmark. He relates a thrilling, complicated quest. O’Neill is boldly and rightly convinced of his power to engross us, and cheeky enough to add to Scheherazade’s tally of 1001 tales.’ The Herald Sun

‘Like his heroine, O’Neill knows how to tell a story.’ The Times

‘O’Neill’s lovingly crafted debut novel stands head and shoulders above the current run of ancient historical novels.’ The Age

‘Story is all in this novel, and at two different levels: at the visceral level of the seductive, suspenseful plot and at the theoretical level where the role and function and operation of the story are demonstrated and discussed … A prodigious and most enjoyable feat of the imagination.’ The Adelaide Advertiser

‘O’Neill mixes fact, fiction and fable into an exuberant, witty tale about magic, vengeance and the nature of storytelling.’ The Sydney Morning Herald

‘Clever, entertaining and stimulating.’ Vogue