Signs from Spirit


Signs from Spirit


Mitchell Coombes

Digital ebook

Format: ePub

Pub date: May 2018

ISBN: 9781925589344

Physical book

Harper Entertainment Distribution Services

Format: Hardback (no jacket)

Pub date: May 2018

Imprint: XOUM

ISBN: 9781925589337

Page extent: 224 pp

Trim: 195 x 195 mm

RRP: AUD$29.99, NZD$32.99

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Drawing on his remarkable experience, renowned psychic medium Mitchell Coombes shares inspiring true stories from the afterlife.

From loving messages in dreams, feather-like touches and signature scents, through to radios bursting into song and the wonders of nature – everyone can learn to notice and interpret Signs from Spirit.

Uplifting quotes, enlightened tips and beautiful illustrations – combined with a unique dictionary of signs and a bonus meditation download – makes this book your pathway to connecting with departed loved ones.

Signs from Spirit will touch your heart and soul with hope, healing, and proof there is life after death.