Populate and Perish


Populate and Perish


George Haddad

Winner of the 2016 Seizure Viva La Novella Prize

Nick is treading water. No boyfriend. No career. Living in a granny flat in Coburg. On a whim he decides to travel with his twin sister, Amira, to Lebanon in search of their estranged father. Their mother, who has passed away a couple of years earlier, only ever referred to their father as the kalb – the dog – they know next to nothing about him. In Beirut Nick and Amira find family, a sense of belonging and surprising answers to questions they hadn’t known to ask.

With a razor-sharp wit, incisive social critiques and intensity of feeling, Populate and Perish announces George Haddad as an important new player on the Australian literary scene.

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Format: ePub

Pub date: Sep 2016

ISBN: 9781925143232

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Format: Paperback

Pub date: Sep 2016

Imprint: Seizure

ISBN: 9781925143225

Page extent: 128 pp

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