Irina the Wolf Queen


Irina the Wolf Queen


Leah Swann

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Format: ePub

Pub date: Oct 2012

ISBN: 9781922057075

Physical book

Harper Entertainment Distribution Services

Format: Paperback

Pub date: Oct 2012

Imprint: XOUM

ISBN: 9781922057112

Page extent: 304 pp

Trim: 198 x 128 mm

RRP: AUD$14.99, NZD$17.99

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‘This child,’ said Raizel, ‘will be the greatest ruler this kingdom has ever known.’

Kidnapped at birth, raised by a she-wolf and then taken in by a kind farmer and his wife, Irina is no ordinary foundling. With her long hair and bright eyes, she is beautiful, but she can also see in the dark, hunt better than any farmhand and communicate with the creatures of the forest.

One day in the woods Irina meets the ancient wise-woman Raizel, who reveals the truth – Irina is a princess, the long-lost daughter of King Harmon and Queen Chloe of Ragnor. Unsure of her place, Irina returns home, only to find her kingdom threatened by a wicked magician intent on revenge.

In the coming days of battle, could it be that a princess with the courage of a warrior and the instincts of a wolf is exactly what Ragnor needs?

Melbourne writer Leah Swann has conjured a trilogy of fantastic stories for the young (and young at heart). Introducing Irina the Wolf Queen, a heroine both brave and beautiful – with the cunning and daring of an animal and the wit and intelligence of a human. Irina is destined for greatness, but at every turn she is faced with the evil of the wicked magician Vilmos …

Praise for Irina the Wolf Queen by Leah Swann

‘[A] charming children’s fantasy … a winning combination, handled with an imaginative focus that should keep younger readers immersed.’ Cameron Woodhead, The Sydney Morning Herald

‘Leah Swann has mastered the magical art of story writing for children. Right from beginning to end the story grips you with a wealth and richness of character, adventure and atmosphere. It plucks at our emotions and fears, but never tips into mere sentimentality …’ Melbourne primary school teacher, Ali Staley