WHY I WRITE by Andreas Heger, author of Cooktown

Andreas Heger gave a short speech at the launch of Cooktown at Better Read than Dead, that we thought was worth repeating.

Jennifer Egan has noted that, of all the forms of artistic expression, the novel is the only truly internal one; it’s the only one that brings you into the mind of another person. The image, although powerful, is external.

For me, this means there is an intimacy in the novel which no other medium can produce. I write for that intimacy – that connection with each individual reader.

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Drover's Wives off to print!

It’s always a big day, sending a book to print, regardless of how many times we do it. There is no turning back now - except for the proof check I suppose. 

This book has been five years in the making. It was first submitted as an entry to Viva la Novella then appeared as part of Seizure’s AltTxt Project. It is now a beautifully designed book (so beautifully designed it couldn’t be an ebook given the current technology). 

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