Adam Spencer's Time Machine


Adam Spencer's Time Machine


Adam Spencer

‘As gripping as any of my books, but with more maths and less exploding heads!’ – internationally bestselling author Matthew Reilly

Following the runaway success of his Big Book of Numbers (2014) and World of Numbers (2015), Adam Spencer is back with a wild ride through the ages.

Starting with the Big Bang and ending in the present day (with a few glimpses of the future for good measure), Adam Spencer’s Time Machine is a history book like no other. Jam-packed with quotes, quizzes, anecdotes and trivia it’s a full-colour treasure trove for ages 8 … to 108!

Did you know that some of the earliest astronomers were Indigenous Australians? Or that Lord Byron’s daughter, Ada Lovelace, was a pioneer of computer programming … despite dying in 1852? Can you believe that pinball was actually illegal across much of the US until the 1970s? And who or what was the Witch of Agnesi?

All these answers and much, much more are in Adam Spencer’s Time Machine – 2016’s ultimate compendium for curious minds.

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Physical book

Harper Entertainment Distribution Services

Format: Deluxe paperback

Pub date: Nov 2016

Imprint: XOUM

ISBN: 9781925143188

Page extent: 432 pp

Trim: 234 x 153 mm

RRP: AUD$34.99, NZD$37.99