Adam Spencer's World of Numbers


Adam Spencer's World of Numbers


Adam Spencer

‘Funny, yet with hidden depths – like its author!’ Brian Cox

From the building blocks of life, to the games we play, the food we eat, and the marvels of space, Australia’s funniest mathematician is back with a fascinating snapshot of the world of numbers.

What’s a ‘firkin’? Is a tardigrade animal, vegetable or mineral? How fast is Usain Bolt …  really? And what’s the record for the most lobster rolls eaten in 10 minutes? All these questions and more are answered in Adam Spencer’s World of Numbers.

This is a book for young and old – for anyone who’s ever wondered how things work, who loves puzzles and numbers, or is just plain curious about the amazing world around us.

After his bestselling Big Book of Numbers, Australia’s funniest and most famous mathematician is back by popular demand. Adam Spencer has been entertaining us for almost 20 years on triple j, ABC radio and television. You can find him on Twitter @adambspencer, on the web at and on Facebook.

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