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  • May 2018
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Paperback | May 2018 | Brio | 9781925589238 | 256pp | 210x135mm | Forthcoming | GEN | AUD$26.99, NZD$29.99

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‘A scintillating debut — pacy, unsettling and shot through with dark truth.’ —Hugh Riminton

It’s 2011 and in a remote fishing village in far north Queensland, ex special forces soldier Daniel Grey has just returned from a brutal tour of duty in Afghanistan. Unsure of what’s next, he’s sought out his old mentor and school rugby coach. He meets the coach’s beautiful wife Maria, and their daughter Remy – a strange and reclusive girl with unusual gifts.

Dealing with the loss of his former life and his best friend – along with some deeper wounds – Daniel now faces his toughest battle. In doing so, he has the chance to conquer old demons once and for all – and maybe help a new friend find her way in the world.

Cooktown is a confronting and tender novel which unflinchingly examines our need for human closeness via unforgettable characters set adrift from society.

‘A brave and compelling novel, addressing real and pertinent issues.’ —Steven Lang

To hear Hugh Riminton’s interview with Andreas Heger, please visit the ABC's Radio National website.