Meet Me in Milan


Meet Me in Milan


Hedley Derenzie


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Format: ePub

Pub date: Aug 2019

ISBN: 9781925589832

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Harper Entertainment Distribution Services

Format: Paperback

Pub date: Aug 2019

Imprint: XOUM

ISBN: 9781925589825

Page extent: 288 pp

Trim: 234 x 153 mm

RRP: AUD$29.99, NZD$32.99

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Four years after her disastrous search for love in Paris (the alleged ‘city of love’), Hedley Derenzie is ready to give it another go. Determined to break out of her comfort zone of singledom, she engages professional help in the form of a psychologist — before deciding the best form of therapy would be to take herself to Italy!

Early on in her travels, Hedley meets a man who captures her attention and before she knows it she’s jetting around the country, dining at fabulous restaurants and living the life of Riley (that’s if Riley were a woman in her late thirties looking for love). So what if this man is older (as in a lot older) and reminds her of her father? Hedley can’t help but wonder – could he be the one?

Meet Me in Milan is a funny, honest and raw memoir about Hedley’s ongoing quest for love, this time in the land of la dolce vita.

Praise for Finding Paris by Hedley Derenzie

‘Hedley Derenzie writes with startling resonance about the rocky road to self-discovery after it dawns on her that she alone is the common denominator in her heartbreaks. A love story told with raw emotion, heart and great optimism.’ —Jacinta Tynan, journalist and author of Mother Zen