Stories of Perth


Stories of Perth




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Format: ePub

Pub date: Aug 2018

ISBN: 9781925589269

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Harper Entertainment Distribution Services

Format: Paperback

Pub date: Aug 2018

Imprint: Seizure

ISBN: 9781925589252

Page extent: 304 pp

Trim: 203 x 127 mm

RRP: AUD$19.99, NZD$22.99

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In 2013 Seizure teamed up with Sweatshop to produce an anthology of Sydney writers that showcased a different side of the city. 

This time, we’ve headed out west to draw on the best new talent we can find to tell the stories of Perth we wouldn’t expect. From the crisis of meth addiction, the pressure of keeping up appearances and the unexpected presence of peacocks, this is a rich and wide-ranging anthology. 

Funny, challenging and wide-ranging, these stories and essays come from a divervse collection of emerging and established writers.