The F.A.R.T. Files Book 1


The F.A.R.T. Files Book 1


Rob Bell

A terrible crime has been committed at the Brownleigh Football Club. Someone has ruined the footy field with deep tyre tracks. And there’s grafitti all over the clubhouse walls. The damage is diabolical! Who is responsible and why would anyone target the greatest footy club in the world?

The police aren’t that interested in investigating – they’ve got bigger fish to fry – so it’s up to a bunch of amateur detectives from Sommerton High to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

Meet the Forensic Amateur Research Team – or F.A.R.T. for short. This crack squad is made up of Sam Tran: unofficial team leader, Madison ‘Maddie’ Litchfield: tech whiz, Arlia Humphreys: new kid at school (possibly a spy), and Declan Peterson: science guru (prone to accidents). Oh, and Dan Tran, Sam’s little brother, who regularly brings everyone lunch.

Using their intuition, wits and some slightly illegal hacking skills, this unlikely mob of misfits sets about cracking a great sporting club vandalism mystery!

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Format: Paperback

Pub date: Oct 2018

Imprint: XOUM

ISBN: 9781925589351

Page extent: 192 pp

Trim: 198 x 129 mm

RRP: AUD$14.99, NZD$17.99