Sydney Observed

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Sydney Observed


Gavin Souter

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  • ePub
  • Sep 2012
  • 9781922057013

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When Sydney Observed was first published in 1965 (under the title Sydney), and illustrated throughout with the striking photographs of Quintin F. Davis, it won instant and rapturous praise from reviewers across Australia and beyond.

Within the space of a few years it came to be regarded as the best single piece ever written about the city. ‘Write a new book about Sydney?’ a distinguished writer asked his publisher. ‘But after Souter, what’s left to say?’

A second hardback edition featuring the iconic illustrations of talented fellow Sydneysider, George Molnar, was released in 1968. It is this edition we proudly reproduce digitally here for the very first time.

In prose that is measured, astute, wry and always entertaining, Gavin Souter has captured the Emerald City’s fortunes, foibles, past and future. He has produced a work that is as timely, relevant and lucid today as it was when first published.

Sydney Observed, illustrated by George Molnar, is a small masterpiece — a book for giving, keeping, reading and re-reading.