The Storm Weaver and the Sand


The Storm Weaver and the Sand


Sean Williams

When the three runaways — Sal, Shilly and Skender — finally arrive at the remote island of the Haunted City, home of the Sky Wardens, Sal’s great-aunt, the Syndic, is determined to keep them under control. And if that means imprisonment, so be it.

But the Syndic isn’t the least of Sal’s worries. The ghosts that live behind the ancient glass of the city are restless and no one knows why or what they can do. The golem will force Sal to do its bidding by whatever means necessary ... even murder. And it seems that the Weavers have their own plans for the three of them — but what and who are they? Few people believe they exist, and those who do keep their knowledge close to their chests.

Whichever path Sal chooses, it seems the price to pay is very high for those closest to him. But he must decide ... or submit to a future not of his making.

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Format: ePub

Pub date: Aug 2017

ISBN: 9781925143645

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Pub date: Aug 2017

Imprint: Fantastica

ISBN: 9781925143638

Page extent: 448 pp

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Praise for The Storm Weaver and the Sand by Sean Williams

‘The reason why I haven’t given up completely on fantasy trilogies is because there are people out there who believe in the genre and continue to put out interesting books rather than following the formula. Sean Williams is one of those people.’ Cheryl Morgan

The Storm Weaver and the Sand is a superior Australian fantasy novel, but more than this; it is simply superior fantasy.’ The West Australian