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Times & Tides


Gavin Souter

Winner of the Isabella Brierley Prize

Only a stone’s throw from central Sydney, the northern arm of Port Jackson, otherwise known as Middle Harbour, has a mystique all of its own.

Unlike most Australian city environs, Middle Harbour was almost entirely neglected during the first two centuries of European settlement. As such, it still contains regions of virtually untouched bushland, and a surprising history to match.

Times & Tides by acclaimed historian Gavin Souter is an exploration of this unique — and precious — part of Australia. In prose that is lucid and informed, Souter trawls back and forth in time to create an evocative and multi-layered narrative encompassing Aboriginal life, European arrival, modern suburbs and the natural history of bays, creeks and bush.

Fascinating and insightful, Times & Tides is also a very personal account by someone who has lived within sight of Middle Harbour for almost fifty years.

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Pub date: Sep 2012

ISBN: 9781922057044