How do I order your books?

Well, if you’re a bookseller or organisation, please contact BPS https://www.publisherservices.com.au or call on 1300 187 187.

Readers can order our books from the local bookstore or online via Booktopia.

Can I copy part of one of your books?

All material published by Brio Books is protected by the Australian Copyright Act (1968).

To reproduce the work of our authors, you must receive written permission from us before your use of any material.

Please contact us using the email address below and we will respond as quickly as possible, though it can take us some weeks to confirm the terms of copyright. A permission fee is normally required to compensate the creators for use of their work.

info (at) briobooks.com.au

Can I talk to one of your authors?

We respect our authors rights to privacy so never share any contact details. If they are social media users, or have a personal website, you can find those on each author’s individual page.